Is it just me or is there a Lice problem?

Symptoms of lice

The symptoms of lice include; moderate to serious itchiness of the scalp, mites appearing on the scalp and stickiness followed closely by head scratching and feeling of tickling sensations on the scalp, loss of sleep, white specks on the hair, yellow or tan spots  on hair shafts. All of these symptoms are rare for children without head lice and should be easy to notice the behavioral change although it might take some time.

It should also be noted that some of these symptoms could be caused by several other problems not lice related. The only sure test for lice is using a magnifying glass and a bright light source. If you shine light on hair near the scalp and some small parasites scatter, you are dealing with head lice. Here is what lice looks like in case you are wondering what you will be looking for before removing lice.

How to identify hair lice

But how can you be sure if it is lice or not? Because irritation can be caused by a number of other conditions of the scalp like dandruff, there is only one way to find out. Knowing what the vermin looks like and what their eggs are like. Their usual hangout joins are behind the ears and close to the scalp. Here is what the family looks like. This light phobia of theirs is what aids Atl head lice removal experts use to detect them. To discover them, you will need a bright light source, a comb and a magnifying glass.

  • Adult lice

About the size of a sesame seed, these creepy vermin can grow up to 3 mm and are truly scary in every way.  They are greyish white in color but they can be disguised by brownish grease and dirt. You can tell it’s not dirt if it moves when you shine a light on it! Simply use a comb to separate your child’s hair exposing a bit of the scalp and then shine a light on it.

  • Nits ( meet the eggs)

Lice eggs cannot move but you can tell them apart from dirt by their yellow or white appearance although they may camouflage with your hair color making them hard to spot. What you can do to tell them apart from grease is to try and remove them with a brush. They stick like glue while dirt is easily removable- that is the difference.

  • Nymphs (the babies)

As expected, these too are blood suckers and are afraid of the light. They might be harder to spot while younger but after about 12 days they are fully grown!


Should you spot lice on you kid, the best thing to do is not to panic as the condition is highly treatable. Next you should check your other kids, your partner and yourself and pretty much everyone that has had contact with patient zero. Next is to find an Atl head lice removal service and call for help from them.

How to write your personal statement


Over the years, I have come across many medical students who really struggle to write their personal statements. They get feedbacks that their personal statements are not that impactful or persuasive. This is really discouraging after doing your best to come up with the best personal Statements. Do you need assistance with medical school personal statement?

A personal statement is very important to a medical student in application. It gives you the opportunity to control how you are perceived by the medical admission board. It is the desire of each applicant to have their application approved. I have come across many students looking for assistance with medical school personal statement but in vain.

You have to stand out from the rest. There are a few steps which a person can follow when filling or writing a personal statement. I am going to help you write a personal statement that indicates you are a unique and promising individual in the medical field. Follow me!

Tips on how to write an enticing personal statement

Research has indicated many medical students’ applicants use tired techniques when applying for admission. However; I will use a different approach that will raise your chances of being admitted into a med school. I have successfully helped a couple of students write appealing and successful personal statements which guaranteed their admission to the medical school. Here are some steps  that will provide assistance with medical school personal statement

  • Structure of your paper-It is important to have a well organized structure of your personal statement. A clear theme will help the admission board have a positive impression towards you. Ensure that you remind your reader what is your motive is as they read your personal statement.
  • Make your personal statement interesting-Ensure you entice your reader to want to read more about you. There are a lot of personal statements which the admission board members read on a daily basis. Please utilize your once chance to impress the your reader. This can be through highlighting your life changing experiences of your past and how they completely changed your life. I hope that is clear.
  • Use of interesting writing techniques-These can be through the use of metaphors or similes. It is evident that a plain writing will bore your reader. Use of Writing techniques has for a long time enticed writers want to read more about your story or narration.
  • Avoid repetitive statements-Avoid wasting the provided statement with unnecessary narrations. Always be keen on not to repeat yourself as you write. Continuous repetitive of statements is an indication you are not creative about your writing, and it might disqualify you from being admitted.
  • Electronic application has a limitation. This is in terms of word count. Please note that all punctuation marks count. It is therefore important to carefully plan how you will write your personal statement. Start by highlighting the most important aspects in your life. The rest can follow if you have some space left.
  • Lastly; model your personal statement based on previous successful previous applications. Try and use some writing techniques based on these previous applications. I am certain you will have a high chance of being admitted into your dream career. Use a service such as Kaplan Testing or for assistance in not only the editing of your letter but looking at past successful examples


All said and done; keep in mind that you have a single chance to impress the admission board. The above assistance with medical school personal statements will really help you. Please try the above steps when writing your personal statement. I am certain you will be happy after you receive an admission letter.



‘Nit Picking’ – Back in Atlanta and this is my first crazy story of many.


Hey there everyone! Did you miss me the way I missed you? Of course you did. Because if I know otherwise it would be a crushing blow to all that is left of my ego.

With our move here to Atlanta, things have been crazy and 5 steps beyond a madhouse. Getting all of our things from Chicago, having the moving company lose half of our things… yeah. That’s a whole other story to come, people. In the end, everything finally arrived as it should have in the first damn place… 2 months later.

But enough about all of that awfulness, I have to tell you guys about a service I discovered here in Atlanta that has been an amazing experience when it comes to health and peace of mind.

While I was sitting at my sister’s home, we noticed that since my nephew had come back from his trip abroad, he was just itching away at his head and just looking very uncomfortable.   When he asked his favorite aunt, Moi, to take a look at his head, what I found made me scream, run and then do a little dance of horror in the middle of the room.

Head lice. LICE!!  It was awful!!

I know I know I’m a horrible person for losing it like that but YOU didn’t see what I saw.  It..was…wow.

nitpickingAfter his mom and I calmed down and my brother in law stopped us form simply setting the entire house on fire to be sure there were no crawlies everywhere,  we decided to hit google for some assistance. Of course let’s be honest here, discussing lice with anyone is a bit embarrassing. Also, there was no way my sister was about to sit in a car with my nephew to transport him to the Doctor’s office or a clinic to deal with it and worry about being judged. 

That’s when we looked up discreet Atlanta head lice removal on Google and found a company that not only made house calls, but used natural products and understood the desire for discretion and putting all of us at ease.  The Pink Combs. Also, they really did arrive and use Pink Combs! Just thought I’d throw that out there.

They are a mobile lice removal service that not only handles head lice removal in Atlanta but also the entire state of Georgia!

It’s been several weeks since the Pink Combs saved the day and we haven’t see not a single nit or creepy thing in my nephew’s hair since. No I’m not going to tell you which nephew It was either lol. Thank goodness I have a huge family.

So thank you to Ushanie and Stacie of the Pink Combs. I promised I’d write about you!

Your mouth is awesome. Take it to an awesome dentist

dental smiles


I am an adult female and let me just say that no matter how old I am or how old I grow to be, one thing will always remain true. I’m terrified of the dentist.  It doesn’t matter how nice they are, how nice the office is or how attractive the Dentist might be. As soon as I know I have to go into a dental facility, i start to sweat and panic. It’s so bad that I don’t even have to be the patient! Kids, Husband whomever, if I have to go with someone into a dentist’s office, It’s going to be a problem.

But no matter how afraid I am of the whole thing, let me tell you a story about why I will never ever ignore any issues with my teeth again nor will I skip an appointment. True I may cry and scream the whole time but I am still going to go. Let me tell you why.

When I was 18 I had come home from college for the holiday vacation to visit my friends and family. It was my first time home since going away to college clear across the country and I couldn’t wait to see everyone and have a great time. What I hadn’t known was that my father had scheduled a dentist appointment for me the first day back. Please believe that if I had known a dental appointment was in my immediate future I might have not gone home. I am so sincere. But seeing as how the plane had already landed and I was already in my family’s car heading up I94 from the airport, there was no escape.

We get to the Dentist’s office and immediately the sweating starts and my hands shake.  Let’s just skip all of the embarrassing parts that happened during this visit shall we?

By the end of the visit my Dentist tells me that I needed my wisdom teeth out. He describes the procedure that needs to be done and his first mistake was to tell me that the whole thing had to start with a needle being inserted into my mouth.

Uh…how about no.

And that was the last time my Dentist ever saw me.

Psssh it was bad enough that he was a dentist but then he wanted to stab me in the gums with a needle? I’d like to buy a vowel and solve the puzzle please. ” Hell NO!”

I never went back to see him. Matter of fact I never went back to the dentist again until I had the bright idea to marry a man who’s sister, brother and mother were Dentists.  Uuuugh!

Now I’m not going to admit to you just how long it was between when I saw a dentist last and when I finally went back to see one. I also won’t admit that the only reason I went was not because my family made me, but because I had searing pain in my face that I simply couldn’t take anymore. I was in the middle of a presentation in front of an audience when all of a sudden it felt like a small nuclear device went off in my jaw.  Yeah… I fell to my knees and was rushed to urgent care then an emergency dentist.

Not only did I have a wisdom tooth that needed to be removed, I had 4 of them that all demanded to come out. If you know what an impacted tooth is? Yeah two of them were impacted.  It was awful.

But by the end of it all and after the healing and the AMAAAAZING drugs they sent me home with I realized how much better I felt! The frequent searing headaches I had weren’t stress! they were because of my darn teeth!

To say my quality of life improved afterwards is an understatement.  All of the years of random pain were completely unnecessary and could have been avoided ONLY if I had gotten my teeth taken care of as I was supposed to.

Now I still hate having to go see a Dentist.

But I’ll never NOT go again.

So I got my husband to try Yoga…

yoga fitnessWhen you mention Yoga to people, the first image in their head is of some hippy dippy woman with such a “celestial name” like: Serendipity or Moon beam, sitting on a mat telling you the importance of breathing and drawing energies with your chakra. All the while the smell of incense waifs about the room and soft music plays on the stereo or…if you’re lucky, there is an actual guy in the corner playing some wooden drum.  Personally I love everything about that but I realize that it isn’t for everyone. Especially lots of you macho guys.  But this is why I have to tell you about DDP Yoga and how my husband fell in love with it.

First of all let me just say that my husband is a really rugged kind of guy’s guy. Football on Sundays, beer from his favorite mug as he sits on a couch in his man cave. God I hate that couch. Kind of guy who eats a steak that normal people aren’t even sure isn’t still raw. Some days I just want to serve him dinner by pushing him into the yard with nothing but a knife, some matches and a cow. Whatever happens, happens.

So a year ago he tore his ACL and I mean tore it bad. Just shredded the darn thing. Our Chiropractor and the kids like to call it: A Derrick Rose Injury. Since the accident he hasn’t been able to engage in all of the “manly” exercising he enjoys or running with the dogs and the kids. My normally fit ex-solider began sliding into what they are calling Dad-Bod. Which works out fine to go along with his horrible dad jokes. I could see he wasn’t too happy about any of it so I decided to look up workouts and strength exercises  he could engage in yet protect his wobbly knee.

Enter the viral video of Arthur. 

I found this video while surfing Google at work and by the end of the video both my assistant and I had tears rolling down our faces. It was simply the most inspiring thing I had seen.

After I cleaned myself up and reapplied my make-up, both my assistant and I both ordered copies of the Yoga program that Arthur credited for his transformation: DDP YOGA.


DDP Yoga combines calisthenics, sports therapy stretches, and Dynamic Resistance and as we found out after our first few sessions, a high-cardio but minimal-impact workout that you can do comfortably in your home. The only things we needed were a yoga mat, towel, water bottle and a heart monitor. I personally decided to go with the Fitbit Charge HR (which i will be sure to review soon) but my husband decided he didn’t need one –at first. He later went back and got the Fitbit Surge after he saw how well my Charge HR worked. The DDP program has about 15 workouts that come on a DVD set that ranges from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and the soul shaking; Extreme. By the time we got to the Extreme workouts I was positive I had trained well enough to become a Jedi Knight and fly off to fight the Empire.  The videos are from a little more than 15 minutes to over an ass kicking worth of an hour and a half. Each workout helps you focus on making  your core stronger, better balance and also how to harness your breathing.

Now understand that DDP Yoga is not and it does not proclaim to be a traditional yoga program. As a matter of fact it is everything BUT.

In the end It is definitely something I have found very helpful. As a Matter of fact, my husband does DDP Yoga about three times a day! One workout in the morning, an afternoon quickie – get your minds out of the gutter, then an intense evening session.

The results for both of us have been amazing.